*This is an example about how HOUSE can be done the BOSSY way…*

Adonis Wolf, CEO of Bossy Wax, founded BOSSY WAX in 2015 as a small daughter of his formerly label TELLERRAND REC. .

The idea behind was to get away from the typical Berlin-style of housemusic and go back to the early years when it all began, the sound he loved as teenager, the funk, the ruffness, being raw, being souful, being classy – BEING BOSSY!!!

He hooked up his old friend Malcolm Jackson from New York City he knows since a decade and his very good friend Renzky who also released on his first label together with Murat Becker as MURIAN BENZ.

After having incredible events in different locations under the sign of BOSSY, he recognized to put some more energy in it and will release the first vinyl in summer 2016.